Add-on Cooling Units

Unit Description

Lacool’s Add-On cooling range has been specifically designed and engineered to be compatible with most common Australian gas ducted heating systems. By installing an add-on cooling system, it allows you to maintain and enjoy the best heating and cooling solution throughout all seasons of the year.

The addition of a Lacool Add-On cooling system allows you to heat and cool your entire home using the existing ductwork and outlets, saving you huge costs on purchasing and installing multiple splits systems and or additional ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems.

The Lacool Add-On coil is manufactured using high quality materials and intelligently designed for easy installation with most common gas ducted heaters.

THE LACOOL BLUE BOX: Horizontal Add-On Coil design is known for its durability, ease of installation and servicing. The name Lacool is synonymous with the blue roto-moulded in-line add-on cooling coils.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Lacool’s horizontal coils require no additional custom transitions and the Lacool base box units are designed to fit directly under the Brivis buffalo 26 or Bonaire Rhino range, directly replacing the heater base box.

CAPACITY: A wide range of cooling capacity is available in single phase (10kW to 21kW) and three phase (15kW to 21kW).

COMPATIBILTY: Simple electrical controls allow the Lacool condensing unit to be compatible with the most con ducted gas heaters.

ENGINEERED FOR AUSTRALIAN CONDITIONS: Lacool’s condenser units are designed for Australia’s extreme heat conditions and are tested up to 50º.C

Zoning Compatible: Lacool’s systems are compatible with zone controllers, allowing you to switch off the heating and cooling in areas or rooms not in use and save costs on your utility bills.

Flexible Integration: With Lacool’s Add-On you have an option to purchase the Add-On with the heater or at a later time and integrate with your system allowing you to be smart with your budget and costs.

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Add-on Cooling Units

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