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Lacool is licensed to manufacture and distribute specialised R22 replacement outdoor condensers and indoor coils that can be used by service contractors to replace or retrofit existing HCFC R22, high static air conditioning split systems, where replacement of the installed refrigeration pipe-work is prohibitive. Lacool R22 condensers are available in single and three phase, ranging from 5kW to 25kW cooling capacity, and are fitted with defrost control boards.

Lacool is widely known for its specialised add-on cooling systems that have been designed for use with today’s high efficiency gas ducted heaters.
This type of system can be designed to include refrigerated air conditioning originally, or adapted at a future date.

The concept employs a ‘cooling only’ air conditioning unit, in either single or three phase, with matching evaporator (cooling coil), installed in a ‘split system’ configuration. These two components, when installed with ancillary refrigerant piping and controls, form a refrigerated cooling system that can be added to many new or existing gas fired ducted heating systems.

Add-on solutions are available in single and three phase, ranging from 10kW to 21Kw cooling capacity.


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