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Hydro Solutions

Hydro is exactly what the name suggests – A heating and cooling solution with the systems energy channelled through water. This concept is used extensively in commercial space although in the residential markets is slow in Australia to be adopted – we will be changing this.

Hydro, with our system and common world practise will be one of the most efficient forms of cooling and heating to hit the market, also an option will be to heat your domestic hot water at the same time.

Our hydro systems heart is an air to water heat pump (outdoor unit).

The outdoor unit is responsible for extracting heat from the ambient air, transferring through a refrigerant loop to provide the energy to heat or cool the water to the temperature required. In cooling mode there is an additional option to recover the heat from energy used to cool and secondly heat the domestic hot water tank, thus providing free hot water.

The cooling/heating waters energy can be administered in several ways via: fan coil units, radiated systems, and or trench systems. The Terminal units are ever evolving and constantly being improved and tweaked to give maximum comfort and efficiency.


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