Unit Description

The Colair series of AHU air handling units are designed to distribute conditioned air to specific building areas in combination with chilled, heating water and or DX-coil systems.

The air handling units, horizontal and vertical configurations are available in plantroom, rooftop and weatherproof applications, centrifugal and or AC/EC plug fans, where specified. A variety of coil options are available to suit required capacities and specific applications. The AHU range caters for capacities from 200–50,000 l/sec.

Options include:

    • Chilled water, heating water and DX coils
    • Centrifugal or AC/EC Plug fans
    • Air filters
    • Economy and bypass dampers
    • Mixing plenums
    • Lighting
    • Various panel constructions to suit client requirements
    • Rotary heat wheels
    • Run around coils
    • Coil coatings available to customers requests

Technical specifications and drawings:

Horizontal Air Handling Units ASH Series with Plug Fan
Horizontal Air Handling Units ASH Series

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